Block: 464464
Developer Integration can be used to obtain a free PASA for your users. It can be used by exchanges or wallet developers or any other Pascal related software that needs their users to have a Pascal account.

The following table describes all available parameters that can be used for a request to

Parameter Description
afac The account number where a certain amount of pasc will be sent to if the account transfer was successful. Read it as affiliate account number. Please omit the checksum. See Affilitate Page for more info.
origin This value is for internal use to create statistics. You can use whatever value you want, but please stay with the same origin value in each request.
phone_country_iso A 2 letter upper case ISO 3166 country code of the user related to the phone number (to select the correct phone region code). Click here for a list of available codes.
phone_country_number The international country calling code for the phone number. For example 1 for USA, 49 for germany and so on. Click here for a complete list of codes.
Please either use phone_country_iso or phone_country_number Do not use both at the same time.
phone The phone number of the user, without any country information.
public_key The public key of the user. The PASA account will be transferred to this key.
state An internal state value to make sure the returning request is from you, just like OAuth2 states.
redirect An Url where the user will be redirected to after the PASA account was assigned to him.

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