Block: 464462
Affiliate & Integration runs an affiliate program that you can use to earn some Pascal by linking to this page.

The payout amount is 0.05 PASC for each successfully distributed pasa right now. This value might vary in the future without any further notice.

The affiliate program is active as long as there are funds available to run it. It can be closed down without any further notice.

The minimum required parameter to earn money is the afac parameter. This the account number where the reward will be sent to, as soon as a PASA was successfully distributed.

The following table describes all available parameters that can be used for a request.

Parameter Description
afac The account number where a certain amount of pasc will be sent to if the account transfer was successful. Read it as affiliate account number. Please omit the checksum.
origin This value is for internal use to create statistics. You can use whatever value you want, but please stay with the same origin value in each request.

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